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At Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center, “The Arts” serve as an underlying basis for our curriculum. Our curriculum supports the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which views each student as the protagonist of their own education. We encourage the children to express their ideas through art and music and we use their creations to drive our classroom investigations.

Knowing the importance we place on "The Arts" you will find our classrooms filled with high-end art materials and our halls filled with sounds of music from Tulsa Symphony Orchestra musicians. As facilitators, we encourage our children to use art and music to express their thoughts and ideas, as a medium for communication, and as another language.

Along with traditional art materials and basic rhythm instruments found in a typical preschool environment, in our rooms and halls you will find wire working and sculpture materials, potters clay, paints of all sorts and kinds, collage materials, and real musicians weaving music into the daily lives of our children offering naptime serenades, mini concerts, and rhythm and percussion explorations.

We believe "The Arts" supports all areas of curriculum increasing social emotional competencies, language, literacy, and mathematical reasoning. Children also develop problem-solving skills, persistence, creativity, and the ability to engage in ongoing activities and explorations encouraging children to think critically and negotiate.

We believe art and music is a universal right for all children. We believe that every child, when given the opportunity and the materials, can become a talented artist and musician. We use art and music as our underlying curriculum believing it has a positive impact on the development of the whole child moving children from music and art makers to music and art appreciators.


Two students glue objects to a red paper plate in an art project.

Two students glue objects to a red paper plate in an art project.

A teacher helps two students with an art project at the Rosa Parks ECEC.

A teacher helps two students with an art project.